Archbishop of Canterbury

105th Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

March 21st 2013 saw the enthronement of the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury. Justin Welby was a Cambridge graduate (Trinity College) as indeed was his predecessor  Rowan Williams (Christ’s College).
Part of the ceremony at Canterbury Cathedral involved the kissing of a very old book called “The Canterbury Chronicles”. This book was brought to these shores in AD 597 by a monk, St Augustine, sent by Pope Gregory to convert England to Christianity.
The book is housed at The Parker Library in Corpus Christi College and the enthronement is the only time it ever leaves this famous library.
On stepping down as archbishop, Dr. Williams took over as Master of Magdalene College here in Cambridge. One suspects a quieter life in prospect than steering the 85 million strong Anglican Church through some very challenging times.

Dr. Rowan Williams

Dr Rowan Williams
Master of Magdalene College

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